Tea Garden Co.

Why we love tea.
Where do we even start?
Our love of tea nurtured in a big way when we treated ourselves to a luxurious selection of Tea Garden Co. tea about a year ago. We received three beautiful flavours expertly selected and beautifully presented. We immediately went back for more. We are now so delighted to include teas from this beautiful, award-winning Canberra business in our hamper range. To find our more about this gorgeous tea and the lovely ladies behind the label, read on for their story in their own words. We suggest enjoying this bio with a warm cup of Vermont Chai…
Pictures by Tea Garden Co.
‘Why we love tea.
May I introduce you to our beautiful business Tea Garden Co. A delightfully bespoke tea company built with a passion for all things pretty and delicious.
At Tea Garden Co. we design new blends every month in a bid to make tea drinking the highlight  of your day. We believe tea is a thing to Share.Sip.Love. A drink for all emotions and all temperatures.
Our founders Lauren and Mikhaila couldn’t be more different, which is probably why the tea is so fabulous…. it has to impress such varied array of tastes. Mikhaila or our little MP, as she is lovingly referred to, is the tea mixing guru behind our beautiful blends. She is truly passionate about all things pretty and tasty. She has single handedly created the incredibly diverse tea selection you’ll see today.
Lauren is more a no fuss type and while the pretty and delicious part of Tea Garden Co. leaves her head in a spin, she’s extremely at home in making the business tick. Oh and of course creating the space for MP to design until her heart is content.
The perfect blend I’d say!
What I am most proud of is our subscription service. Every month we deliver 3 gorgeous high quality teas to our subscribers around the country. Each beautifully designed box includes a black, a green and a herbal blend to enjoy with those you love… or lets be honest, hide away for yourself.
So come on over and join the tea party at www.teagarden.co